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Adapting the treatment to the patient.



A seasoned Classical Osteopath, with background in Athletic Therapy, Kinesiology, Personal Training, and Acupuncture. Hardworking, compassionate, idealistic, and dedicated to the public and profession.



Experience in rehabilitation and sports injuries. Proven skills in teaching, supervising, managing, and coordinating programs and activities. Excellent motivator and communicator dedicated to continual research, professional education, and development. Worked in National Health Funds in Israel, providing community health and clinical services. Wellness educator, stressing the importance of treating illness in the body holistically. Focused on promoting health for individuals, families, and communities.


I trained in Canada in Athletic Therapy and Classical Osteopathy, and then graduated in Israel where I worked for ten years in pain clinics. There I am a member of the Israeli Registry of Osteopaths which is a member of the Forum for Osteopathic Registration in Europe, and follows their standards.

I am a sensitive, empathic, and caring professional that is flexible to the specific needs of different individuals and their health needs. I help people to be pain free and get them results. I practice what I preach and am committed to my clients, students, and to myself, by continuously working on myself and improving my knowledge, education, and skills in order to help those in need. I am passionate about what I do, and my ideal work includes treating, especially infants and children, as well as teaching.

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GavGuru offers Osteopathic services for newborns, infants, older children and adults. We utilize a wide variety of techniques in order to assess and treat pain and imbalances in the body.