For All Ages and Stages

What differentiates Osteopathy from other systems, is our focus to help patients from birth, to and well beyond school age, to reach their physical potential.

The natural solution to:

  • Crying and Irritability

  • Sleep Disorders

  • ADD / ADHD

  • Bed Wetting

  • Susceptibility to Infections

  • Nursing and Feeding Issues

  • Hypo / Hyper Tonicity

  • Developmental Issues

  • Birth Trauma

  • Weak Immune System

  • Colic

  • Asymmetric Head Growth

  • Ear Infections

  • Sinus and Dental Problems

This, through our unique ability to:

assess the newborn and help alleviate pressure associated with the birth process, address other problems in the newborn (colic, nursing, head deformities), possible developmental delays, and help children and teens cope with scoliosis, headaches, dental / TMJ disorders, bedwetting, digestive disorders and so on. We regard the human body as a functional unity, rather than looking at just the symptoms.

We also specialize in helping older children to get the strength and flexibility they need to improve for athletic and fitness purposes, and teach them appropriate strategies to protect themselves from injuries. In the case of an injury, we have the expertise to help your child return to their activities as soon as possible.

Osteopathy is used to assess the human body in order to get to the root cause of an illness. This is done by looking at the vitality, mobility, and position of the body on all levels, and in every part and system.

Osteopathy facilitates keeping the flow of all of the body’s fluid systems open.

Osteopathy helps to readjust the body’s form and structure so that it can function properly on all levels.

Osteopathy shows that whatever happens in one area or to one part of the body, affects the whole person.

Osteopathy causes the body to tap into its own innate ability to heal itself in order to work properly.

By gently coming into contact with and manipulating:

The rhythm of the head and spinal cord – Cranio-Sacral,

The body’s connective tissues – Myofascia,

The body’s inner organs – Viscera,

The bones of the skeleton – Osteo-Articular,

We help the body to rediscover its true center in order to rebalance itself.

I work closely with midwives, birth coaches, doulas, and nursing / lactation consultants in order to get the total picture of mother and child so that they both receive the best possible treatment.

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GavGuru offers Osteopathic services for newborns, infants, older children and adults. We utilize a wide variety of techniques in order to assess and treat pain and imbalances in the body.